Pilar de los Horneros

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Pilar de los Horneros is the first self-sustainable private neighborhood. It is an urban project located in a unique place, in the heart of private neighborhoods.

Pilar de los Horneros proposes a way of life in harmony with nature. Located in the center of the private neighborhoods in the eastern region of Canelones and built with noble materials, paying attention to every detail. 

The first self-sustainable neighborhood quickly became a commercial success, which can be explained by its multifactorial characteristics. Pilar de Los Horneros' main attraction lies in its houses, offering all the comforts and construction quality at an interesting cost and maintenance level. 

All houses have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study, an integrated kitchen, a garden with a pool, and other amenities, as well as a comprehensive infrastructure with integrated security and green spaces. Moreover, the most important feature is that they are energy self-sufficient thanks to solar panel systems and have organic gardens, composting areas, and waste reduction systems. 

Undoubtedly, Pilar de los Horneros is the development that set the precedent for sustainability, which now permeates all of Balsa & Asociados' projects. de Balsa & Asociados It is an unprecedented success story in the area, marking a before and after in the category of private neighborhoods in Uruguay.